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                                                                                                               User Agreement

1. Confirmation and acceptance of the terms of the agreement

The conclusion, execution, and interpretation of this Agreement shall be governed by the applicable laws in force in the United Kingdom. In the event of a conflict between this agreement and applicable law, these terms will be reinterpreted in full accordance with the provisions of English law, while other terms will remain in effect. If there is any dispute between the user on the content of this agreement, the two parties should try their best to resolve it through friendly negotiation.

"This website" or "we" agree to provide related services based on the Internet and mobile networks in accordance with the provisions of this agreement and the operating rules issued from time to time. In order to obtain network services, users should carefully read and fully understand the terms of this "Agreement", including the exemption clauses that exempt or limit the liability of this website and the clauses that limit the rights of users. Carefully read and choose to accept or not accept this "Agreement" (minors should read it accompanied by their legal guardians). This "Agreement" can be updated by this website at any time. Once the updated agreement terms are announced, they will replace the original agreement terms without further notice. The agreement that users see is the latest version of the agreement terms on this website. If the user does not accept the terms of the agreement, please stop using the network services provided by this website immediately, and users who continue to use will be deemed to have accepted the terms of this agreement.


2. Privacy Protection Statement

We are registered and paid with the UK Information Commissioner's Office (ICO). We process personal information in accordance with the ICO's guidelines. The ICO is the UK's authoritative independent regulator responsible for handling data and personal privacy. Protecting user privacy is a basic policy of this website. We guarantee that any information left by users on this website will not be made public or provided to third parties, unless it is required by relevant British laws and regulations in advance or in order to maintain this website under certain conditions. Legal Interests of the Website. The content of this website sometimes contains links to third-party websites. This statement cannot guarantee the safety and responsibility of your personal information left on third-party websites. Like other websites in the society, we sometimes cannot avoid malicious attacks by hackers and the resulting data theft, although we have tried our best to protect and maintain our website.


3. Copyright statement

If you need to reprint the content published on this website and related online platforms such as WeChat, Weibo, and forums, please be sure to indicate the source of the article, and you must not tamper with our content and re-publish it as an original one. Once discovered, we will pursue legal action. The reprinting of the content of this website must be authorized in writing by us, and the link to the original text and the name of the original author must be attached when publishing.

Any text, pictures, graphics, audio and/or video materials contained in the network services provided by this website are protected by copyright, trademark and/or other property ownership laws. The media is published, broadcast, adapted or republished for broadcast or distribution, or used for any other commercial purpose, directly or indirectly. This website does not in any form, to the user or any Third parties are responsible.


4. Disclaimer

“Harley Street London ”is not a provider of direct medical diagnosis and treatment. “Harley Street  London ”only provides non-medical management-related consulting services. Patients receive medical consultations starting from seeing a doctor and establishing a doctor-patient relationship. There is no joint venture relationship between “Harley Street London” and any third party healthcare provider or other third-party service provider. “Harley Street London” therefore accepts no liability for medical diagnosis and/or treatment provided by individuals voluntarily contracted with third-party medical institutions and for any related liability arising therefrom. “Harley Street London” accepts no liability for indirect, consequential damages/damages during its services and in no event shall "Harley Street London" be liable for any financial/monetary liabilities greater than the fees received from individuals for the services. In the process of using the network services of this website, you must follow and respect the relevant laws and regulations of relevant countries and social morality, and you must not publish illegal content such as terror and violence, and must not directly or indirectly damage our legal rights and interests. Once we find infringement, we will take certain protective measures. The content of this website comes from the author's original creation and network selection or reprinting. The content published by the author on this website only expresses his personal position and point of view and does not represent the position or point of view of this website. We will strictly review original articles, but we cannot make absolute guarantees for the accuracy of each published content and then assume any legal responsibility. Part of the content and pictures on this website will come from the Internet, we will indicate the source and the copyright belongs to the original author. The purpose of reprinting is to convey more information, and this website will fully abide by the relevant legal statements of the website where it is located. If you have any comments on the information we released or the copyright owner of the information finds problems, please contact our editorial department and send an email to: and we will make corresponding adjustments as soon as possible.





”本网站”或“我们”同意按照本协议的规定及其不定时发布的操作规则提供基于互联网和移动网的相关服务。为获得网络服务, 用户应当认真阅读、充分理解本《协议》中各条款, 包括免除或者限制本网责任的免责条款及对用户的权利限制条款。审慎阅读并选择接受或不接受本《协议》(未成年人应在法定监护人陪同下阅读)。本《协议》可由本网随时更新, 更新后的协议条款一旦公布即代替原来的协议条款, 恕不再另行通知, 用户看到的协议即是本网站最新版协议条款。 如果用户不接受协议条款, 请立即停止使用本网站提供的网络服务, 继续使用的用户将被视为已接受了本协议条款。



我们已在英国信息专员公署(ICO)注册和付费.我们按照ICO的指导处理个人信息。ICO是英国负责处理数据和个人隐私的权威独立监管机构。保护用户隐私是本网站的一项基本政策, 用户在本网站留下的任何信息,我们保证不对外公开或向第三方提供, 除非事先根据英国有关的法律法规要求或者在一定条件下为了维护本网站的合法权益。本网站内容中有时会包含第三方网站链接,此声明条款不能保证对您在第三方网站留下的个人信息安全负责。和社会上其他网站一样,我们有时也无法避免黑客恶意攻击和由此导致数据的盗取,虽然我们对我们的网站进行了尽可能的保护和维护。




本网站提供的网络服务中包含的任何文本、图片、图形、音频和/或视频资料均受版权、商标和/或其它财产所有权法律的保护, 未经相关权利人同意, 上述资料均不得在任何媒体直接或间接发布、播放、出于播放或发布目的而改写或再发行, 或者被用于其他任何商业目的。本网站不就由上述资料产生或在传送或递交全部或部分上述资料过程中产生的延误、不准确、错误和遗漏或从中产生或由此产生的任何损害赔偿, 以任何形式, 向用户或任何第三方负责。



伦敦哈里街不是直接提供医疗诊断和治疗的机构。伦敦哈里街仅提供非医疗性质的管理相关的咨询服务,病人接受医疗性咨询从见过医生并建立医患关系开始。伦敦哈里街与任何第三方医疗机构或其他第三方服务提供商之间没有合资关系。伦敦哈里街因此对于个人自愿与第三方医疗机构约定所提供的医疗诊断和/或治疗及因此产生的任何相关责任概不负责。伦敦哈里街对因其服务期间间接的、后果性的损害/赔偿无需承担任何责任,在任何情况下,伦敦哈里街都不承担任何大于从个人处收到的服务费用的财务/货币负债。在使用本网站网络服务过程中, 必须遵循和尊重有关国家的相关法律法规和社会公德, 不得发布恐怖和暴力等非法内容,不可直接或间接损害我们的合法权益和利益。我们一旦发现侵权会采取一定的保护措施。本网站内容来自包括作者原创和网络择选或转载等。作者在本网站站发表的内容仅表明其个人的立场和观点,并不代表本网站的立场或观点。我们对原创文章会进行严格的审查,但我们无法对每篇发表内容的准确性进行绝对保证继而承担任何法律责任。本网站的一部分内容和图片会来自网络,我们会注明出处,版权属于原作者。转载目的在于传递更多信息,本网站将完全遵守所在网站的相关法律声明。如果您对我们发布的信息有任何意见或信息版权方发现问题,欢迎联系我们的编辑部,发邮件至 我们会在最快时间内进行相应调整。

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